If you can’t decide which is the right exercise for you, or you just like the idea of putting a little variety into your workouts, then give FitBuzz Circuits classes a go. Put simply, it’s a whole range of different exercise activities, one after the other, all in one fun-packed class. Covering all kinds of disciplines using mostly body weight resistance training and some small equipment,we will work all the key muscle groups.

Circuit Training is energetic and challenging from start to finish, but it is loads of fun too and like all FitBuzz classes it caters for various ability levels. There will be adaptations and modifications, high and low impact options given.


The FitBuzz circuits hall will be set out with a number of ‘stations’. Each one focusing on a different set of muscles/ offering a different endurance challenge (eg: plank).When directed everyone in the class moves from station to station throughout the session, doing a different exercise – for a few seconds or even a few minutes- at each one. There are short rests built in before we move around again. There will be lots of different formats and class structures to keep up the variety.


The quicker pace and constant switching between equipment and exercises tackles all the major muscle groups and combines strength training and aerobics in one session. You also get some important cardio-vascular activity and sheer calorie burning effectiveness, all from one hard-working but very convenient class. It’s also a great way of refreshing your exercise programme and adding plenty of variety to it.


The best way to check out if FitBuzz Circuits classes fit your idea of great all round exercise is to come along and see for yourself.

See details of FitBuzz Circuits classes on the FitBuzz Circuits page.