A New Trend: Body Weight Training

A body weight exercise is any exercise that uses only your own body weight as resistance (think push-ups, squats, burpees). So convenient because you don’t need lots of equipment. One of the ways to make bodyweight training more interesting is to incorporate functional body-weight specific equipment into your workouts such Gliding Discs.

These allow for a greater range of motion, recruit more muscles to aid in the exercise, and they are surprisingly fun to use.

Being able to slowly slide out into position using the gliders provides a smooth transition of the muscles and tissues from a deactivated to an activated state, which decreases the risk of potential injury. Since you are gradually gliding out into positions of excessive tension, the muscles and the tissues are able to adapt and change in a safe, controlled manner.

You will notice that when you are using the gliders you will have to use more muscles. That is due to the fact that in order to bring the glider back towards the body during a gliding lunge for example, you must use the adductors, (inner thighs) glutes, and hamstrings too. This in turn provides you with a more effective workout because you are having to stabilise yourself too.

We have used these gliders in class this week and they have provided us with quite a giggle and I think allowed us to work in a different way, finding muscles we never knew we had!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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