Contact us for Pilates and HiiT class unlimited live interactive online class package. Current block runs up to Fri 18th Dec, contact us for the price as the block has already started it will be reduced for you.

This price will include all the unlimited live interactive online classes you could want! Plus access to some recorded content to do in your own time.

If you've been wondering what HIIT is but were always too afraid to ask, here’s your answer: it stands for "high intensity interval training". FitBuzz HiiT classes involve a period of working hard, followed by a period of much lower intensity – or complete rest, This is then repeated for a number of rounds or for a duration of time. We do bursts of cardio exercises like jacks and spot sprints and strengthening exercises like squats and press-ups. All you need is wifi, a mat and some hand weights (or tins of beans)

What are the biggest benefits of HIIT training? As workouts go, HIIT gives you a serious workout in a relatively short space of time. If time pressures are tight, you can squeeze an effective full-body workout into a mere 25-30 minutes – and from the comfort of your living room, no less. The reported benefits of HIIT include increased fat burn, improved strength and stamina and better sleep, get HIIT right and you could become fitter than ever!

If you'd like to join us just for HiiT classes we can put together a package for you. Please get in touch to find out more.



7:30 pm – 8:00 pm



6:45 pm – 7:10 pm