The benefits of Pilates

Pilates has great benefits for the body and mind; there are no age or agility restrictions and a wide number of reasons as to why this form of exercise is now in the mainstream. Pilates energise the body and the mind whilst also being a natural painkiller, an aid to maintaining weight loss and a fantastically spiritual activity for pregnant women.

Pilates is a refreshing mind and body workout; correct breathing is emphasised as well as spinal and pelvic alignment. This is a great advantage for those wanting to tackle physical or psychological issues, such as stress and anxiety or common pains such as lower back pain, this is also highly likely to occur within and after pregnancy which is why Pilates is now so regularly recommended for pregnant women. Reducing your stress levels, whilst teaching you how to correctly hold your body and naturally assist mild to moderate pains as well as keeping you in shape are all wonderful life long lessons.

Pilates exercises help to develop a strong centre of the body, known as the core, which is your deep abdominal muscles. Pilates also improve joint mobility and muscle elasticity, a body that is experienced with this form of exercise is much less likely to be injured or have chronic back pains. Doing Pilates will actually condition your entire your body, even down to your feet with a correct balance of all your musculature – this will leave you energised, refreshed and able to continue your daily tasks with more ease, a better performance and less chance of injury. Pilates is also increasingly popular in the world of professional athletes and a crucial part of their training regime for these reasons.

People of all ages can enjoy Pilates, as it is such a gentle form of exercise, with many positions being in sitting or reclining positions and the point being the quality of your movements and not the quantity. Rehabilitation of injuries through physiotherapies often includes Pilates due to it being so safe and gentle and it is also widely popular with those in advanced years. There are many modifications to this exercise that range from beginner level to advance and there are Pilates classes in Maidenhead that you can find that fit around your regular schedule.

Although you can practice Pilates at home, many people prefer to attend classes, as there are trained instructors like Claire to ensure that exercises are followed correctly. Particularly if you are pregnant, or have had an injury, an instructor’s advice is valuable, as you don’t want to cause any injuries or worsen any symptoms by doing things wrong. Pilates is more than exercising it is a life change and an education into how to get the most out of your body and your mind.

 But it’s also challenging…

Pilates is also an extremely flexible exercise system. Modifications to the exercises allow for a range of difficulty ranging from beginning to advanced. Get the workout that best suits you now, and increases the intensity as your body conditioning improves.

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